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"The most difficult thing about becoming a tutor is connecting with students who will be as reliable as you are. BharatTutors delivers students directly to the tutors doorstep, allows the tutor to set his or her own rate. They are efficient in working with tutors and do a wonderful job in pairing students with the proper instructors to provide a great learning experience. As a tutor, I have had a very enjoyable time working with students, and find the website very easy to navigate and very safe in secure. BharatTutor is a great free organization, and incredibly easy to use. Overall I am VERY satisfied with my experience with BharatTutors and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the years to come. I would highly recommend BharatTutors to any person who is serious about offering private tutoring services. Thanks!"
Sandeep Kaur
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"My son was struggling in Math and Exam were very close. Due to my hectic office schedule I was not able to give time to Rohan. I contacted a local tuition bureau, they were asking huge registration fees even before showing the list of tutors. I found BharatTutors on web while doing search. I found a good online tutor here and Rohan is now comfortable in Maths now."- Sagar, Delhi

"I was weak in English speaking. This was becoming a big hurdle in my career growth. Ashish, one of my good friends told me about BharatTutors. I took some time went through the tutors profiles and contact a few of them. I got the perfect tutors here and he taught me to improve English speaking as well as writing. Thanks BharatTutors!"- Gaurav, Rajastan

"I got my Biology tutor at this site. The best thing about this site is that we are free to set our fees and dont need to pay any mediator. Neither I need to pay any tutor agency nor, I think, tutor need to pay the percentage of earning. Because of the good collection of tutors at this site, I was able to find the best one out them. I recommend BharatTutors to you. Five start rating for this site!"- Madhu, Maharashtra

"I got online tutoring job at BharatTutors. I have good confidence on Maths and have much interest in teaching math. Time to travel for one-to-one tutoring was a big hurdle to be. On this site I found some students interested in online math tutoring. Thanks BharatTutors for helping me and finding me an extra income too."- Ganesh, Tamilnadu

"I was looking for a tutor who could teach me maths for GRE test. I was an average student of Maths but GRE maths needs different skills to solve all of the problems correctly in limited time. I read an article in a local newspaper about Bharat Tutors. I did some online search and found that it's really a good site and easy to find tutors in local area. I created my student profile, and in 10 minutes I was able to search an expert tutor in my region. I contacted the tutors got the tutoring services of Vibha. She taught me the basics and advanced tips to solve GRE maths problems. Last month I appeared in GRE exam and got 780/800 in Maths. Thanks to Vibha and BharatTutorts."- Anjali, Kanpur

"With no doubt, I am very happy with your services. This was the second time I have used it and was happy with both tutors. Mainly I liked the search feature and interaction features at BharatTutors."- Renuka, Nasik

"I had no idea of how I could locate good tutors in my area for my daughter. Through an internet search I found BharatTutors.com which was a great help to us. In the beginning I wasn't sure if I could get good tutor here as per our requirements, but they deliver what they had promised. They surpassed my expectations."- R. L. Singh, Ranchi

"My tutor Ajay Verma was great! always on time, very professional and knowlegable. He takes the time to listen, and explains very well. Thanks BharatTutors."- Sudeep, Kolkata

"I used BharatTutors earlier in the year to get a tutor for my son in English writing. I found a wonderful tutor here, Shekhar. Additionally, he went over some math concepts as well. In school they touch on so many math concepts and are unable to spend a great deal of time on them. Shekhar was able to help my son feel more confident with math."- Shyam Kant Singh, Kanpur

"BharatTutors is a great place to begin your search for a tutor, my experience was wonderful. My search yielded me a variety of tutors within my area. I especially appreciate the profile structure of the tutors which afforded me a more in depth look at the tutors of interest to me. Luckily we found a wonderful tutor for our son, he has a gift for teaching and has understanding of special needs children. I appreciate BharatTutors for this site, it has made a difference for our son and family."- M. P. Singh, New Delhi

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