What is BharatTutors?

Welcome to BharatTutors.com, a unique online service connecting students and tutors, and institutes all over India and aborad. This site is unique because of its simplicity and ease to use. This is the only website of its kind dedicated for the service since 2010.

If you are student and looking for a tutor in your city or for online tutoring, it's very tough to decide the right choice in a limited time, and scope. Generally, we go as per our friends' recommendations and news paper advertisements. Sometimes it works well, and sometime not because of limited choices and resources. But, now it's Internet era. Day by day the number of E-literate people is increasing. At BharatTutors, you can choose your home tutor or online tutor from our wide database of talented tutors. You can also perform location, qualification, fees, and specialization based searches to get the best suitable home tutor as per your need. One of the best features at BharatTutor is that you can rate a tutor and write feedback for them. You can also chat instantly with tutors and once you are fully convinced first, then only go head to close the deal.

If you are a tutor, you must have registered with numerous bureaus and had given many advertisements. Most of the times, these practices make you to spend a lot of money and end with no significant outcomes. With BharatTutors you can create your own photo-profile, easily change it anytime, fix your own fees and the most important thing you are visible to you all over the world. Isn't so easy and simple way to promote your tutoring services :).

How does BharatTutors.com work?

If you are qualified, have spare hrs to work, specialized in some subjects, interest in teaching and have any or no experience in teaching, you are eligible for tutoring! Seems like a job full of fun and enthusiasm, right? For students, especially if they are in big cities like Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Agra, Lucknow, Kolkata, it's very hard to choose the right home tutor. BharatTutors' exclusive 'rating' criteria help you to choose the best Home tutor in your city. Not only this, if you are shy and don't want to initiate the chat, you can use our 'Xpress Message'. 'Xpress Message' is a great way to initiate communication with members and break the ice with someone you are interested in.

In nutshell there are three important steps to find student/ tutor in your city:

1. Create profile 2. Submit the the profile describing requirements 3. Contact other members. Look who has got what !

Tutors in India

BharatTutors provides you mainly 3 types of tutoring mode. These are one-on-one, group classes, and online tutoring. We have seen that in recent days online tutoring is getting popular. You can learn more about online tutoring here.

Please make sure that at BharatTutors.com, we do not hire or pay any tutor. Its tutor's and student's responsibility to discuss and finalize the study and payments plans. BharatTutors doesn't call to any student or tutor. We contact students and tutors only by using email id: support@bharattutors.com.

If you are getting any call on behalf of BharatTutors asking for interview or money, ignore it and report to us and local enforcement agency.

Why BharatTutors.com?

The final question arises in mind, why should one choose BharatTutors. The most important answer of this question is: 'BharatTutors is Internet based'. Being online it's the cheapest way to advertise your need. This modern method empowers you to set your needs as per your wish, not limited by mediators or limited words newspaper classifieds. Tutors, become the part of BharatTutors and become the owner of own business. Let someone else not take your bite!