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Requirement of calcium in teenaged girls and in women
Date 15-01-2015 | Views  9706

Requirement of calcium in teenaged girls and in women

by Ragini Upparapalli | Jan 10, 2015

As we all know that calcium is very important for all but it is very important to girls and women. If we neglect the taking of calcium in younger days we have to suffer in old age. Here is the requirement of calcium for teenaged girls and women. Teenaged girls-800 mg/day for menopausal women, pregnant mothers and nursing mothers -1200mg/day. If teenaged girls take calcium there is a possibility of increasing bone density because at this age absorption will be more. For this they have to take calcium rich food like beans, cooked rajma, bengal gram, tofu, leafy vegetables, greengram, ragi, urad dal soybeans, drumstick, fenugreeks, beet leaves, milk etc. Generally teenaged girls won't take all the above mentioned food. They are addicted to junk food which will spoil their health. They will suffer a lot at their older age. If they don't take the above mentioned food then the body will absorb the required calcium from bones. Therefore the bones will become brittle and weak. They will meet the fractures immediately even for a small fall (which we mention as osteoporosis). To prevent all these risks my sincere advice to all college going girls to follow the above mentioned diet. Even myself and my family members are following the above diet. That is why I am mentioning that diet. Follow it and make your life bright.
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