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'e-Tutoring' - A New Way to Rapidly Improve School Grades is born in Bangalore!
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'e-Tutoring' - A New Way to Rapidly Improve School Grades is born in Bangalore!

by | March 19, 2014

Tutoring has been a widely acknowledged way for students to improve their learning since the time of Alexander the Great, who was himself tutored by the most famous of tutors - Aristotle. Over the years it has only really been available to those who could afford such services and has been traditionally acknowledged to help rapidly improve both subject matter knowledge and general learning skills.
Almost 30 years ago, following extensive studies, the world renowned educator Benjamin Bloom came to the conclusion that one-to-one tutoring in combination with masterful learning and teaching techniques can create a two sigma improvement as compared to the traditional scope for student academic achievement, meaning "the average tutored student was above 98% of the students in the control class" (Bloom 1984).

In order to make tutoring universally accessible, 'online tutoring' was introduced about a decade ago that used the internet to bring tutors into the homes and onto the computer screens of students all over the world. As with many developments in the field of learning, it has taken time for the best methodology in technology and academics to be identified, developed, and brought into practice.

The main issues with online tutoring have always concerned the ability of the service to be both engaging and effective. Creating engagement over the internet has always been challenging and without engagement students quickly lose interest and learning is limited. Teaching and Tutoring are also very different skills- to be effective in online tutoring it requires that the teachers become tutors, and so diagnose and address individuals, rather than class issues and focal areas.

One company that has its operational headquarters in Bangalore believes that it has now developed the next stage in the evolution of tutoring with a holistic new system which it calls 'e-Tutoring'. SchoolPage ( has created the SchoolPage e-Tutoring System (or STS) and claims to assure that all sessions are both engaging and effective.

The STS is based on the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (Mayer) and uses cognitive tools such as Mind Maps and Comprehension Lines to diagnose gaps in current understanding, structuring it later around learning outcomes taught using an ESA (Engage, Study Activate) pedagogy. It also uses student interest profiling, learning games, and student self-recognition of learning to enhance engagement. All SchoolPage e-Tutors are taught the STS method and must pass stringent exams to 'go-live'.

SchoolPage also has a very unique and ultra-modern website which was designed to be optimised for touch screens, and is filled with multimedia clips that explain how learning is brought to life in SchoolPage sessions. There is also a free video library for students to refer to and a free Q&A section for students, parents, and tutors to post questions, share stories, and give advice.

In the field of learning, as in most specialities, there is no final solution but only stages of evolution. Thus, no matter how advanced SchoolPage 'e-Tuition' can be, there are sure to be further developments that will continue to shape and improve this radical concept. It is however good to know that in this field, Indian and global expertise have come together to create the next stage of evolution for the students of India.

About the author: allows you to enter the world of e-Tutoring which is one-to-one, has live e-Tutors, and is highly engaging. The revolutionary STS (SchoolPage e-Tutoring System) used in all sessions supports all Boards and curricula, and is designed to assist learning and rapidly improve results for school students from grades 3 to 12.

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