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Indian English | Nov 20, 2013
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Indian English

by Vivek Singh | Nov 21, 2013

Because British ruled over India for more than two centuries, now English has developed as official language of India. Indian English has preserved many phrases, vocabulary and colloquialisms from British English. Due to recent influences from American English, these days use of British and American English is common. Many times we can find both 'programme' / 'program' and 'center'/'centre' in newspapers and common channels of media.
Below are some of the words with use in sentences. These words are used in India but not so much popular in American English:


Use in Sentence

bunk a class = to skip class without permission

Every other week Rohit bunks the Physics class.

expire = to die

Atul what 7 when his father expired.

hill station = mountain resort

Naitital is one of the most popular hill stations in India.

mess = dining hall

IITM Mumbai has seven mess.

tuition = additional classes besides the regular school is a good place to find tuitions.

hall = living room

I have a big hall in my house.

cent per cent = "100 per cent"

This year, in board exams you should try to get cent per cent marks in Maths.

mugging or mugging up = memorizing

Just mugging will not get you through IIT-JEE.

pindrop silence = extreme silence

There was pindrop silence when I entered in the room.

transfer = relocate

Last year my father transferred from Jaipur to Chennai.

time-pass = doing something for leisure but with no intention

Peanuts are good time-pass in trains and buses.

kindly = please

Kindly disregard the previous message

mutton = goat meat

I like to eat mutton once a week.

tiffin box = lunch box

What do you have in your tiffin today?

solid = great or exceptional

Apart from hard-work you should have solid luck to become like Sachin.

Did you encounter similar English words which you think mainly are used in India but not in American English; share with us in comment box.

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.

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