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Why online tutoring is a better option?
Date 05-12-2013 | Views  8731

Why online tutoring is a better option?

by Vivek Singh | June 20, 2013

Traditionally in India, tutors were used to teach their students at their location, their own location or at third location. The problems with these traditional methods were spending more time in commuting, and spending money on infrastructure for coaching centers. Sometimes, with no involvement of third party, making and receiving payments on time was also a problem. Since last 5-6 years online tutoring is getting popular as the mode of tutoring style.

Initially online tutoring was popular only in developed countries, but as the time passes, even in the developing countries people have started liking online tutoring for the same reasons. These reasons are saving resources like less time of commuting thus saving money on gas/ public transport fare, ease in searching tutors and knowing about the tutors' feedback before-hand. Sometimes involvement of third party makes the payments faster and easily. In India, online tutoring is more popular in the cities with better power supply hours, and broadband internet connection. Internet is not sufficiently fast in every parts of India for the purpose of online tutoring. It's good that day by day many internet service providers are taking interest in providing broadband internet to their customers. Top 6 tips to teach online can be found here.

Next advantage of online tutoring is greater access to the data. Students and tutors can easily see the old test, home-works easily and because now-a-days schools as also providing online home-works, online tutoring has this additional advantage. Guardians can also track easily the study plans and give their input and directions for better study plans, if needed. It's also easier to track time spent for tutoring and thus also ease to finalize the payment plans. If you are looking for tools for "online tutoring", this article may be helpful for you.

Student can search online tutors easily, there are numerous website available providing local, and international tutors. Next, you need to short list the tutors and call them to see if they are available for their tutoring services. It's better to make everything clear in advance about study plans and payment details.

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Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India..
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