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Top 6 Tips for Time- Management - Nov 7th, 2013
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Top 6 Tips for Time- Management by

Most of the times, students find great challenge in balancing the time for study, and personal life. This challenge becomes more serious in countries like India where students have to focus more on study than any other things in life. First, as a student you should understand that everyone on this planet has 24 hours in a day. Now, it's up to you how you manage it to make use of these hours best for you. Below are few of the tips you may consider to manage you time for study:

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1. Create you schedule: First of all, list all of your obligations apart from studies and schedule in your time table. Allocate the time for your personal, and career goal in good ratio. Try to balance in such a way that that study doesn't block your daily activities including hobbies and vice versa.

2. Study Room: Try to have a dedicate study room. This place should have no cellphone, TV or any other kind of distraction. If you want to have break, you should leave this space. You cannot mix milk with alcohol, simple. A dedicated study-room will help to maximize your attention on your studies.

3. Stay motivated: Every time you complete one full cycle of your schedule, award yourself. This may be a little break, watching a movie or having your favorite dish. For this, you can make 2 hour room dedicated as free time for you.

4. Prioritize: What subject should you study first? Find out which subject worth more to get good overall grades or to get through an entrance exam. What lessons worth more for your personal growth and career goals?

5. Break the tasks: Always break the big tasks in smalls ones. Once it's done, make sure to complete the previous one before going for next sub-task. If you don't break the task and try to do all at once, probability is high to fail.

6. Weekly review: At the end of every week, dedicate some time to review your strategy of you time management. Note down if you find any important points. This is also a good time to review your grades, your growth, rank in class and any modifications in table-table scheduling.

Developing time management skills is an art. It needs a lot of practice, patience and guidance along the way. A tutor or mentor sometimes proves helpful to help with precious experience and best practices. You can search, contact and finally hire a tutor at You just need to create a student profile, browse and search a tutor as per you need and you are good to go.

I hope you will be benefited by above tips about managing your time as student. If you have any thoughts on this, don't hesitate to share in the below comment box.

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