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by | Oct 18, 2013 endeavor to provide the aspirants with insightful and conceptual learning and skills by leveraging the latest technologies. In the 21st century, digitization internet, live demonstrations, browsing, and virtualization are playing pivotal roles in the sphere of education. leverage world renowned virtual class room tool (WizIq) and widely used class administration tool (Moodle) which are tightly integrated with our portal to conduct classes. We use high definition video streaming that makes the participants feel that they are sitting in the class room as it virtualizes the class room for them. provide you classes with superior voice quality and noise filter technology which gives you a sophisticated learning experience. extensively use digital white boards those make transaction of the content easy and more effective. Participants feel encouraged to use them in solving the problems and meeting the challenges. The Power Point Presentations and documents which are widely used add a potent audio visual impact and make the learning process more meaningful. employ cutting edge technology to provide animated and digitized subject content to the student to comprehend and conceptualize the contents.
Students are encouraged to ask questions through audio and chat while class is in progress. Students can raise hand by clicking the 'raise hand' so that the faculty addresses the students need as required. Faculty tests students understanding about the topic being taught by asking questions through polling.

Quizzes/tests are conducted weekly and allowed to give the test by 24X7. Tests are reviewed in the following session.

Final exam conducted as theory and practical to ensure the student achieved the expected goals. may issue certificate of completion if it is must but may not be authorized by govt. would like to inform you that we have become a full-fledged online tutoring organization. We have hired many faculty members who are having Ph.D.s and Master degrees.

About the author: provides tutoring for IB(International Baccalaureate) courses, SAT level 1 and 2 Mathematics subject tests, USA syllabus, ICSE syllabus, CBSE syllabus, and AP State syllabus for all subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Commerce.. etc)

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