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Top 6 Tips for Online Tutoring. Oct 15, 2013
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Top 6 Tips for Online Tutoring.

by Vivek Singh | Oct 15, 2013

Most of the times, at BharatTutors, students and tutors ask that what Online Tutoring is. Is this phone tutoring, chat tutoring or video chat tutoring? Wikipedia says: Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are separated by time and space. Online tutoring, as a reflection of the diversity of the wider Internet, is practiced using many different approaches and is addressed to distinct sets of users. The distinctions are in online content and interface, as well as in tutoring and tutor-training methodologies.

Here we are talking about top 6 tips that a tutor should take care while performing online tutoring:

1. Become online-tool tutor too: Before starting the session make sure that you know all of the functions of the online tutoring tool very well and you are trained enough to help to the student for the same. Before starting actual study session, crosscheck that the student is fully comfortable with using online tutoring tool.

2. Start slowly: Online tutoring sounds easy but it can be confusing if all steps are not followed completely. Make a checklist and verify those to start the actual study. Verify that there is no time lag. There may be many tools associated with online tutoring tool, such as forum, document share, image sharing etc. Try to use them modestly and teach them with samples before using them.

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3. Make it interactive:
It's good to speak as a tutor but also focus to listen. Ask some open ended questions and listen the answers. Don't forget to appreciate the good points. Try using sentences like. Now we are done with this, any questions etc.

4. Don't let the student nervous: Because student is remote, its possible that s/he can feel nervous in asking questions or making doubts clear. Keep asking for any question or if s/he is interested for a break. Have some educational online game to play.

5. Believe in fun: Teaching should not be boring. The beauty of online tutoring is that you are not limited to online tutoring tools only like Skype, Gtalk, WizIQ etc. Do some search and find the fun way to teach. They are many animated games which can be used to teach. Use them

6. Be motivational: Its possible that you would have more than one student in the session. Try to speak everyone and motivate everyone to participate in the talks, or discussion. Don't let anyone miss the fun.

If you have any tips for online-tutoring, please share in the comment box below:

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
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