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How to improve Hand-writing? Sept 30, 2013
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How to Improve Your Hand-writing?

by Vivek Singh | Sep 30, 2013

1. Decide why you want to improve your handwriting:

In order to improve your hand writing, first step is to identify the reason why you want to improve your handwriting. This would not only help building the steps but also encourage achieving the goals. For an example, if you are improving your handwriting to get good marks in examinations, focus more on the subjects you are trying to get better marks. You need to prioritize to learn writing Hindi, English or Math numbers.

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2. Choose your weapon carefully:

Make sure you have good weapon to start with. Do not practice hand-writing learning with ball pens. Avoid ink pens and jell pens too at this point. I would recommend using with HB pencil. Have at least half-a-dozen pencils handy when starting working on this project.

3. Get a grip:

Learn how to get the perfect grip on the pencil or pen. Show this to your mentor or parents. Verify the angle between your pencil and paper. It shouldn't be more than 80 degree. This is important step to improve your hand-writing.

4. Identify the primary shapes:

Buy some books to learn the ideal shapes. Don't hesitate buying the nursery level books to know the ideal shapes of Hindi, English or Math letters' and numbers' shapes.

5. Check the alignment:

Make sure while writing neither you are not making too much pressure on the pencil nor it's too light to get the clear impression on the paper. A mentor or a tutor can help you on this one.

6. Look at the spacing:

Spacing is one of the most important aspects the learner should take care of. Make sure that the spaces between words are good enough to read it clearly and not too much that make your sentence absurd in reading.

7. Pay attention to the size:

Pay more attention on the size of the words and numbers. To practice on the size of the letters use notebooks with lines. As a rule of thumb, the height of the words should be in such a way that it covers only half of the width of the spacing between lines.

8. Hire a mentor:

Hiring a mentor is one of the most important steps to achieve handwriting goals. At, you can find many tutors who can help improving hand writing. A tutor can help you to find out the flaws and recommend steps to fix those.

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
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