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Why do you need a tutor?
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Why do you need a Tutor?

by Vivek Singh | June 16, 2013

Sometimes parents are not able to decide whether they should hire a tutor for their kids or not. Even though their kids have sharp memory, but they could not perform very well in school exams or tests. There may be several reasons behind this. One of those is that your kid is not getting enough attention from the teachers in school. The sizes of classes are growing day by day. Years back there were small classes, which makes easier for students to get personalized attention of their teachers. Now, with growing population the sizes of classes are growing too, but at the same time the numbers of teachers have not grown in the same ratio. This result is lack of personalized attention of the teacher to students. Students get difficulty to understand the basics but could not get enough time or courage to ask to school teachers. Sometimes fears of speaking to teachers and shy nature of the kids are reasons why they hesitate to ask or speak to teachers. In these cases the role of a home tutor is important.

Home tutors use their whole time of teaching with the student, and give enough personalized attention for their growth. They not only clear their basic fundamentals, but also they prepare them for upcoming exams. Hiring a tutor becomes more important when the parents have not enough time for their children and cannot keep an eye on their day to day school work. When both parents are working it's not easy to spend time to teach their kids or help them in their homework. Home tutors try to understand the week points of the students and also figure out their strong area of study. They prepare the study plan in such a way that the student would not only understand basics but also excels in school exams and quizzes.

Now the question arises how to get a good tutor? The traditional way to choose a great tutor is to search in the classified sections of the daily newspapers or use references of friends or neighbors. Both ways are still working well, but now searching and contacting tutors online is getting popular day by day. If you use popular internet search engines, you will find that there are plenty of sites to connect students and tutors. You can not only search online tutors but also you can contact them by messaging or email. Some websites are free to use and some are paid. You need to spend some time to read the review of the sites and plan accordingly. Once you hire a tutor, it's important to have attention on the teaching performance of the tutor. You can do it by interviewing students and tutors weekly or biweekly.

If you understand and read the emotions of your kids quickly, it's easy to understand that they need a tutor or not. It's important to act to hire a tutor at time. Getting fewer marks in exams not only upsets the student but also it takes time to recover those less marks in upcoming tests. Once you hire a right tutor, you will feel that your kids' performance in examination would get better and, in turn, it will boost their self-confidence too.

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About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, BharatTutors.com is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India..
Author's BharatTutors profile link:http://www.bharattutors.com/index.php?dll=profile&item_id=0

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