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How to help kids learning English?
Date 06-12-2013 | Views  1365

How to Help Kids Learning English?

by Vivek Singh | Dec 01, 2013

In order to grow academic career, for students it's must to have good knowledge of English language. If your kid is studying in non-English medium school, is it impossible to make him/ her comfortable in writing and speaking English? The answer is no. Below are 8 simple steps, as a guardian you can follow to improve your kid's English language:

1: Recognize need: Recognize that the kids have language needs. Go through the English book and homework of the kid and find the way you can help without any imposing additional lessons.

2: Focus on first language: Always support the use of kid's first language at home. Is your kid is good in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu or any other first language? Use this proficiency to teach him/ her English. Do not suggest to kids to speak English at home. Kids are too young to speak second language in family. There are high chances of failure and thus the kid might go in depression. Parents should speak to their children in the first language or languages that the parents are strongest in.

3: Check amount of help needed: Carefully look at the amount of the need to improve score in English as a subject. Don't expect your kid to write a novel like Shakespeare in this early age.

4: Watch Progress: Be careful about the progress. Till the age of 7 years, the kid is just at the verge of writing and speaking normal English. Again, don't expect much at this stage.

5: Vocabulary is the key: Focus on vocabulary. Ask your kid to read small and easy article from English newspaper. Choose these articles from newspaper, outline them by pen, and ask your kid to add at least 10 words every day to the vocabulary. Encourage him/ her to create own dictionary.

6: Hire a tutor: If needed, don't hesitate to hire a tutor for English writing and Speaking. Now there are various online services you can use to hire a tutor.

7: How others are doing: Have a get together with other kids; discuss how their language learning is going on.

8: Encourage : Allow your kids more time to answer. Don't be harsh, appreciate his/her small achievements and encourage learning more.

If you are looking for more specific information regarding how to teach English to your kids, use the comment box below.

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
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