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How to prepare for board exams?
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How to Prepare for Board Exams??

by Vivek Singh | Oct 09, 2013

Board exams in India are just 3-4 months away. It's best time to plan your studies and how to get maximum marks in board exams. Either its CBSE board exam, UP board exam, Tamilnadu board exam, or Rajasthan board exam the plan stand same for all board exams. For easy understanding I have divided the tips in five sections. In this way readers can understand more in less time.

Work smarter not harder:
Try to plan ahead, don't wait for eleventh hours. Just mugging doesn't work. It's necessary to understand the concepts first. Sometimes it may take more time to understand the concept and as shortcut students prefer to remember those instead. It doesn't work for a longer period. As the exam gets closer, you cannot remember all those things.

Mix and match:
Observations have shown that if you read the same thing all the time it's easier to get bored of that subject and in turn you cannot remember those concepts for a longer time. I advise to study at least three or four different subjects in a day while preparing for board exams. Ignore this rule if you are just 2-3 days away from your exam. E.g. solve 3-4 math problems, and just after that solve 3-4 physics questions and follow it by writing some important chemical formulas and equations. Once you are done with chemistry, you can come back to Maths again and see if you still remember those concepts.

Yes to previous year's questions:
Don't wait till the last day; plan to get the previous years' questions sets. To get those you can ask to you seniors, classmates or elder siblings. It'll be better if you get all the sets of the questions papers of last 2-3 years. Sometimes instead of preparing new question paper, they just change the set of paper. Try to solve them clearly in your notebook. Do it like you are writing in the exam hall. This tests you hand writing, writing skills, exam-time management skills. Try to create examination-hall like ambience. Use your chair, table and try to complete the paper in one sitting. You need to practice how to solve more questions in less time but with more accuracy. Remember, you are targeting for 100%.

No to key, guide:
It's the time to avoid key, guide or whatever printed material with solutions and answers. If you want to know the accurate steps, go with the given examples in your text book. Key books, guides make you lazy. Instead of spending time to solve the questions, students get used to peep in the key book. Moreover, sometimes these keys, guides have wrong answers/ steps.

Equal cheese for all:
Give proper attention to all of the subjects. When you start preparing for board exams, some subject look easier to you and you tend to procrastinate studying these subjects. This is wrong and can back fire you. It's true that some particular chapters, subjects may need more attention but at the same time all other subjects' needs the frequent understanding too.

I hope, once you plan your board exam preparation in a smart you, you will easily get good marks. Boards exams are important for the career. Plan ahead for those and let the next steps in career be easier.

About the author:

Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, BharatTutors.com is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
Author's BharatTutors profile link:http://www.bharattutors.com/index.php?dll=profile&item_id=0

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