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Speaking English at Home
Date 06-12-2013 | Views  1997

Speaking English at Home

by Vivek Singh | Sep 24, 2013

=> Parents can keep eyes of the learning capabilities of their children. They should plan spending one-to-one time with them and understand how you should plan to teach them English speaking.
=> Parents can divide the English sessions in multiple sub-sections. Fit these sub-sections in kid's day-to-day activities.
=> Parents can vary the length and depth of an English session and do experiments on the activities fit with English learning
=> Parents know their kids best. They know their kids ability and pick the easiest way to relate the English language with their first language.
=> Parents can best understand their kids' moods and how do they respond. Parents know it very well that in what scenarios their kids are in best mood to absorb language and when they find it difficult to concentrate on learning.
=> Parents can create better environment for their kids to learn English as a language. This is easier for them as they are not working with class but individuals.
=> Parents can create English culture in the family life. This makes English learning full of fun, not boring. This broadens your kid's outlook and helps them to understand their own culture as well as English.

About the author:

Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.

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