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How to choose a good tutor?
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How to choose a good tutor?

by Vivek Singh | Sep 21, 2013

Choosing a tutor for your child is a big and important task for you. A lot of attention should be taken care of to make sure that you have chosen the best tutor for your child. This following article is important for parents who are looking for tutor for the tutoring services or any other tutoring needs of your child/ kid. The article is equally useful for the tutors too. From this article, tutors will know about are the expectations of the parents, what they want in a tutor.

Explain to child:
Explain in detail to your child about the tutor. Explain what a tutor is supposed to do and why s/he needs a tutor. Talk about what kind of benefits your child will get from a tutor. It's important that your child knows very well what a tutor is and how s/he helps.

Ask your friend or child's teacher for recommendations. You can take help of your neighbors or parents of other students too. Alternatively, you can ask to the tutor for his/ her previous assignments and contact details of tutee's parents. Before talking about study plan and finalizing payments details ask the tutor for his/her educational credentials and police verification certificate. Now-a-days most of the police stations in any urban city of India are online. Within an hour anyone can get police verification certificate.

It's a time taking process:
A tutor has a great role in your child's progress. Always plan to interview more than one tutor for your tutoring job. Do the same interview several times with the same tutor to make sure if the tutor is genuine and honest to work. While interviewing, make sure that the tutor in expert in the subject being taught.

Special need?
If your child has learning disabilities such as hearing disability, make sure that the tutor is officially trained with appropriate techniques and is expert in performing those.

Study plan:
While discussing study plan, make sure to set clear goals about the plan. The study plan also correlates with your payment plans. So, make sure that what chapters you want to finish in how much time. Decide in advance about test plan and how the tutor may help in home work/ assignments.

Payment plan:
This is one of the most important parts you should take care. Plan the payment in as detail as possible. You should take special care if the tutor charges in per hour rate. Sometimes, rate in per hours looks less, but in long term it becomes a huge amount. Make sure that you will pay in cash or check, and it would be weekly, biweekly or monthly. Better to document all the important facts about study and payments plan and get it signed by you and the tutor.

After hiring a tutor:
Have a close look at your child's improvement. Take an hour or two in the days when tutor is not assigned and talk with your child about his/her growth. Ask about the behavior what and how s/he teaches? Ideally, in a couple of week you should be able to see noticeable academic improvement in your child's grades. If you don't see any change, consider it as a sign of a bad tutor!

Online tutor:
Now online tutoring is getting popular in India. Parents should actively watch the tutoring activities and check the websites your child browses. Even while choosing online tutors, you should take the same security measure like an offline tutor. You should talk with your child about online tutoring experience and make sure that everyone thing is going well as you expected.

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About the author:

Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, BharatTutors.com is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
Author's BharatTutors profile link: http://www.bharattutors.com/index.php?dll=profile&item_id=0

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