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How to plan study?
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How to plan study?

by Vivek Singh | Sep 06, 2013

How to study? Most of students find it confusing to plan their study and getting better marks in tests, semester exams and term exams. For some students it seems tough to remember various theories, concepts, dates and events. Here are the top four tips to learn in better way and to get better marks in examinations. This article is equally important for students, tutors and parents. Either you study in class I-XII, engineering, medical or MBA, the following article is true for everyone.

Listen the lectures: In every class, students are provided notes and various study materials. Before attending the class, students should read thoroughly and understand the study material from previous class. Students should also have good command on the home work given. They should have the list of doubts regarding the questions or problems based on homework.

Take the notes: Be very cautious in class room. If you focus enough in class room, you even won't need to read it again after school. Listen carefully the lecture and note down the important concepts and points. Avoid copying everything line by line from blackboard. You just need to write down what you feel important or want to focus more afterwards. Sometimes teacher/ tutors mention important questions for exams. Noting down those questions helps a lot in this case. Writing down the important points is just the first part. The second and more important part is to review and work on those points after coming at home. Once after coming at home, before starting the home work, reviewing the notes of the corresponding subject is very important. In this way, you not only revise what you learn in the class but also make sure that you learn in second shot what you failed to learn in class. This also helps to solve the homework assignment. Don't forget to review these notes again in a week.�

Keep asking: Nobody can understand the new concepts in first shot. List down what you failed to understand or what kind of problem you faced in home work. Ask those either in class or after class. Make a rule in your mind: you will always ask at least one question in every class. This not only clears your concept, but also makes your better and different image in the eyes of teachers. You need to make sure that every time the questions are related to topic and meaningful to ask.

Plan and follow: Make a viable study plan, and more importantly following them is very crucial for students. While designing study plan, students should make sure that they have enough time for cooling down, fun and other day-to-day activities. While planning the study-hours they can get the guidance from parents, school teachers or tutors. Don't just put any number of hours in your plan; be realistic. Plan only what you can practice. Researches have shown that studying in morning is a good habit and gives better result. So, become an early riser. Believe me, this only tip can create a big difference and put you in top 10% or your class. Second, always recite while studying. Many researches have shown that when you recite while writing your learn 75% more. By practicing this technique, you are using hand, ears and mouth, three organs and maximizing the possibility to learn fast. If you don't recite, you are just using hands and lesser the probability to learn, or memorize. Third, create your own questions and answer. To perform this, create your own questions like what, how when and practice to answer those. Practice to speak the answer completely; don't just answer in one or two words. Remember, you can't say it, you don't know it!

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors. Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
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