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How to write an effective article at BharatTutors?
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How to write an effective article at BharatTutors?

by Vivek Singh | Jan 29, 2012

As I always advice to BharatTutors members, writing articles is the best way for tutors to increase the visibility of their profiles at the BharatTutors site. I understand that most of the tutors think that writing articles is a tough job, and it needs a lot of knowledge and effort. Honestly speaking, publishing articles at BharatTutors is the easiest way to increase the visibility to your profile and stay ahead of other 3,000 tutors profiles. So far only 6 members have submitted their articles and surely they will have advantage when students will look for their tutors. In this article I'll explain you some of the simple tips to write a good and interesting article.

Main parts of your article:

I remember when I was preparing for GRE and TOEFL, writing analysis and essay/ article were important parts of the tests. I followed Barron and found some easy ways to write an effective and easy to understand article. My first tip is, break you article in three parts. First part should contain "what" part. In this section, write all "what" parts of your subject. Let your readers know what the article is about. Make it short and simple. You can also raise simple questions and methods of practices in this section. Make sure the following parts of the article contain their answers too. The second part is the main body, and it mainly contains "how" part. In this section compare the methods what you had summarized in introduction section. Don't forget to answer the questions you raised in first part. Because this is the biggest part of the article, you can divide it in multiple paragraphs. Last part is "in my view". In this third and last paragraph put your own understanding about the best approach or best way of practicing the subject. You can also justify in short, why you like those? This section is called conclusion. That's it you are done ?

Know your readers
As a tutor and author, you should have clear understanding about your readers. This makes very easy to pick a subject for your writing. Know what your students would like to know new. Before selecting subject, pay close attention to the trending topics in your area of tutoring to investigate what your students are going to be interested in reading.
Original content

Always keep in mind the first thumb rule of writing an article: Always put your own thoughts. Remember, by copying someone else's thoughts you are not only infringing copyright laws, but also you are jeopardizing your membership at BharatTutors. But yes, you are free to add references in the articles. As long as you are referencing the content its fine to put someone else's thought, but the write up should be paraphrased and it should be in your own words. Make sure, you provide complete web-link/ URL or complete details of the reference book with ISBN number.

A simple English/ grammar mistake can ruin your whole effort. Put your 75% of total effort of writing an article to edit it and make it error-free. The more you read it, the lesser chances of mistakes in article. I recommend you to check the English and grammar on MS word. You don't need to use complex English. Use simple and plain English so that readers can grasp it easily.

Style and Flow
Every writer has own style of writing. Always follow the consistent style during the whole article. Put some fun in your write-up so that it would be able to generate interest in readers to read the complete article. This could be questions in first paragraph related to daily life and answer those in last paragraph or some interesting facts about your subject. For an example: If you are writing an article in the field of Mathematics, you can give an interesting fact that: 355/113 gives better approximate value of Pi than 22/7. Find similar facts on internet, Google is your friend! You must have seen Madari Shows in local fairs and festivals. Remember, what kind of interesting questions Madari asks and keeps the spectators engaged with the show. No one wants plain, blunt stuff; they need spices and fun added to the content!

Last but not least, you can add images in the article. Remember the old saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures keep your readers engaged and push them to read the complete article. If you take an image form Internet, don't forget to add the reference below the image. If you want to use an image from the Internet in your article, find the appropriate picture, right click and copy the image info. This is the location of the image; paste this URL in your article, wherever you want to place it. For an example if you are explaining Pythagoras theorem, you can use the following image:

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Before sending your articles to, make sure you send it in following format:
Article Title: (2-5 words) - This is the name of the article. Make it concise, appealing and meaningful
About Article: (20-25 words) - This is the summary of the article. Start it as: The article talks about...
Article: (300-400 words) - This is the actual article. Don't make it too short or too long. 300-400 words are ideal.
About Author: (40-50 words) - This is about you. Use "he/ she" instead of "I". Add your BharatTutors' profile link below this section.

About the author:
Vivek Singh is the founder and owner of BharatTutors.
Founded in 2010, is one of the fastest growing online platform to connect students and tutors in India.
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