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Vedic Mathematics; the World's Fastest Mental Calculation System
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Vedic Mathematics; the World's Fastest Mental Calculation System

by Saji Raghav | Feb 10, 2013

Vedic Mathematics is getting very popular around the world these days. In the modern world where mathematics is becoming quite a dry and boring subject, Vedic Math stands out in its beauty, simplicity and coherence. This system of mathematics is so simple, direct and easy to implement. Even scientists in NASA are using this mental calculation system in certain fields. Vedic Mathematics is taught in many European countries. It is a crying shame that in its own birth place, the subject is still languishing.

I have been to this education field for about 15 years, and some time being the Head Master at some schools in South India. I was always wondering the way we were dealing with a very useful subject like mathematics. While passing across the class rooms, I could always see a couple of students standing outside the class room. I could make it out easily that the subject being taught in the class would be nothing but Mathematics. Most of the students seemed to have an aversion towards the subject. They hated the subject. They hated the teacher. They were ready to accept any punishment given to them than putting any sincere efforts to have a try on the subject.
Even these days, our method of teaching seems to have made no change at all. It is stagnating. Math phobia or math anxiety is quite common among our students. This is what makes us to have a look into the amazing subject now. I would like to answer a few questions that I am asked by parents whenever I conducted seminar or workshops on Vedic mathematics.

What is Vedic Mathematics?

As we know, it is the ancient system of mathematics based on simple rules and principles. It gives easy ways of doing complex calculations in the head in seconds. Please look at the following example.

We want to find the square of 45. It can be done quickly in less than 3 seconds. How?

To get the first part of the answer, we have to apply a Vedic Sutra. (I do not like wish to make things difficult explaining the Sanskrit terminology here, so I will explain it in simple terms). In other words, we can get the first part of the answer simply multiplying 4 by the preceding number. What comes after 4 when we count the numbers? 5 comes after 4. So 4 x 5 is 20 and that is the first part of our answer. Second part is the square of 5, as you know it well, 5 squared is 25.

So the square of 45 is 2025.
A few more examples: 35 squared is 1225 (we get 12 multiplying 3 by 4, and 25 is the square of last digit 5). Remember this is an easy technique which can be used to find the square when a two-digit or three-digit number ends in 5.

Is it same like Abacus? Will it confuse the child?

Vedic Mathematics is quite parallel to the mathematics which is taught in schools or conventional mathematics. We can do it using pen and paper or absolutely mentally. Abacus on the other hand is a totally different way of doing calculations using an abacus frame, so some students may find it difficult after a few levels. Vedic Mathematics will no way confuse the child.

Can the children remember all the short cuts and apply in schools?

Vedic Mathematics is not all about Shortcuts. There are certain specific cases which are applicable only when certain conditions are satisfied. There are many other rules which are universally applicable.

How does it help the students?

It gives the students lot of fun, flexibility, and satisfaction and they begin enjoy mathematics better. It gives them the ability to approach a problem from different point of views. It improves the students calculation speed 10 to 15 times, and is very useful every competitive exams where math is a key subject.

What is the minimum age for learning Vedic Mathematics?

Usually Vedic Mathematics is taught from 5th Standard. But, I have developed a program which is useful to 5-15 age group (Please visit my website,

Do they need to memorize anything?

This question points to the great advantage of Vedic mathematics over any math-learning system, let it be Kumon, or Singapore math or anything like it. In Vedic Math children can make multiplication tables up to 1000 easily and need not memorize any table other than 1-5.
Look at the way of multiplying a number by 11.

45 x 11 = 121. (Write the two digits in the number as they are leaving a " _ " between them, here is it is 4 _ 5. Now add 4 and 5 and place it in the middle. The answer is 495. This type of simple techniques makes math learning interesting and effective.

Please contact me if you have any further questions on the subject. I will be more than happy to share my knowledge with you


About the author:
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Being a teacher by passion, I have chosen Math as my subject. I was always upset by the way the subject is taught in schools, and have been trying to find out ways to make it interesting and effective. I know many of our students try to keep away from the subject as soon as they come out of their schools and this keeps them away from any good profession where they are paid better.

I took up Vedic Math teaching to help those who fear because of some sort of preoccupation. Vedic math is the amazing tool that will help any student to get rid of his/her math phobia and which can turn them to be a math wiz in no time.

- Saji Raghav, Tutor at


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