Frequently asked questions for Tutors:

BharatTutors makes it easy to search tutoring jobs and contact students to provide them teaching services. Here are a few frequently asked questions about how BharatTutors works for tutors.

Q: What is BharatTutors?
A: BharatTutors is an online service which aims to connect tutors and students. At BharatTutors, tutors can contact to students for potential teaching jobs and students can contact to tutors to get their teaching services.

Q: Tutoring is a fulltime job or part-time job opportunity?
A: At BharatTutors, most of the tutors teach mainly in weekends and evening hours. It's totally up to your availability and student's requirements to take tutoring as fulltime or part-time job. A lot of command and expertise are needed to accept tutoring as fulltime job as the requirements of students varies and it demands a lot of energy to fulfill them.

Q: How does BharatTutors earn?
A: So far, BharatTutors does not charge any money for any service. Also, we don't keep track of lessons/ assignments. The students and teachers are free to decide the schedule, tutoring mode (online/ in-home/ one-on-one/ group classes), finalize the payment mode/ amount and any other details about the tuition.

Q: Are there any requirements to become a tutor at BharatTutors?
A: If you have expert level skills in your area, you can become a good tutor. You don't need to be graduate or postgraduate to become a tutor. There are a lot of fields of teaching at BharatTutors which doesn't require any formal education, like car driving, yoga classes, cooking etc. We believe in knowledge rather degrees.

Q: I have just created my tutor-profile at BharatTutors. How long it takes for approval?
A: Generally it takes 24 hours to review profiles, and take required action. Once your profile is approved or rejected, you will get a confirmation email. An application can be cancelled for one of these reasons: Providing contact information in profile description area or other than 'Contact Details' area, using inappropriate language, copying pasting resume in profile description area etc. If you didn't receive a confirmation email, check your spam or bulk folder. Don't forget to add in your address book to ensure that you get emails regularly from BharatTutors.

Q: Once I find a student to teach, do I need to report to BharatTutors?
A: Once you get tutoring job at BharatTutors, you don't need to report us. Now, it's your responsibility to contact the students, understand their requirements and finalize the mode of tutoring, payments and location. BharatTutors suggests you to offer first class or consultation free to attract more students. Don't forget to add this in your profile description.

Q: How should I prepare for the tutoring classes?
A: This is totally up to you to how to deliver 'A class' teaching experience to the student. BharatTutors have several suggestions which can help you to improve tutoring skills. First, talk to the student prior to the first class and thoroughly understand his/her requirements, write down his/her weak and strong area, and prepare accordingly. If you are meeting with parents, be prepared with certificates and references' contact numbers. While tutoring or meeting parents always dress in formal wears. A follow-up call/email is important to make sure you are waiting for their response. Don't forget that if you have good impression and, you would able to repeat the students and get references too!

Q: Am I permitted to exchange phone numbers or Skype account information with a student at BharatTutors?

A: Yes, you are permitted to exchange contact numbers with the student. So far, we don't charge to create profile or contact members.

Q: Does BharatTutors delete the profiles?
A: Yes, time to time we clean the database and delete those tutors' profiles who are inactive, do not comprise with terms of service or do not reply to student's request. To keep you profile active its necessary to reply student's mails, comprise with our terms of service, and update your profile time to time.

Q: I contacted a student but did not get any response. What should I do?
A: First, please make sure that you sent the message to right student. To ensure this check your sent folder. Next, follow up with another email asking politely if they are still interested in your tutoring services. Tip: Add a photo in you profile and recheck your profile description. Make your profile description 100-150 words long, grammatically correct and don't use all capital letters. Following above steps will surely increase response to your profile.

Q: How will I know when a student contacts me?
A: When any student sends you message using in-built messaging system/ Xpress message, the system sends you you an automated an email to your registered email. Once you get an email, login your BharatTutors account and response to the message.

Q: How can I keep my profile on the top of the list?
A: You need to update your profile to place it on the top of the search or automated matching list. The system considers updated profiles as new profiles and fetches it on the top of searches. You can update your profile with minor changes and improve your search ranking.

Q: May I teach students I find outside of the BharatTutors network?
A: Yes, you are free to teach the students outside of BharatTutors network.

Q: What can I do to promote my profile?
A: There are several ways to promote your profile and BharatTutors. You can 'like' the BharatTutors at Facebook page. By doing this you subscribe the posts from BharatTutors which include requests from students looking for tutors. Time to time students leave their teaching requirements at Facebook. We are aggressively marketing BharatTutors. You can also promote your profile/ website by sharing your member profiles in email/ blog/ business cards and mouth advertisement. Below picture shows the BharatTutors on Google search among 5 million websites:

BharatTutors on Google Search