Meet Vivek Singh
The man behind the success of BharatTutors.

My Career
Hello, I am Vivek Singh, founder and owner of BharatTutors.
Before I first moved to the USA from India for studies back in 2005, I was working in a telecom company based out of New Delhi. I had spare time every evening and I planned to utilize it by teaching students. There were two usual ways to get the teaching jobs during those days. First was to register with a local tuition bureau, pay them ridiculous money for registration and then work on share earning basis. Means for every tutoring session they will take their part. The second option was to search in classified section of newspapers and contact to the students directly. Those days searching teaching jobs or tutors online were not broadly available. Five years down the line, there were many classified sites publishing ads in almost every fields of daily life. Web was still lacking a single, clean and easy to browse website which only focuses in the field of teaching jobs and tutors, and connects students and tutors with no interference of third party.

In 2010, the idea of BharatTutors flashed in my mind. Right from first day of building this community, I tried to make the site clean and easy to understand how it works. While searching for the domain name, I brainstormed about what could be the better name than which defines the exact meaning and purpose of the site. Because India is called Bharat in Hindi, it’s easy to remember too.

My Achievements
I am fortunate enough to have received a great deal of recognition and awards from the wider education community and beyond.
In 2002 I received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Agra, India. During 2003 - 2005 I served MTNL, Delhi as a Telecom Engineer.
In 2005 I was delighted to get Non Resident Tuition Scholarship by University of Nebraska, USA at Omaha, and completed my Master of Science in Management Information Systems. From 2006 till now I am the part of an American firm located in San Mateo, California. Meanwhile I also completed my MBA in Administration from San Jose, California.

My Mission
BharatTutors mission is to recognize the psychology of Indian tutors and students and serve them to get their utmost satisfaction. BharatTutors provides a complete and clean platform to search-online teaching jobs and tutors all over India.

My Vision
BharatTutors vision is to become a single most marketplace for online search of teaching jobs and tutors in India. By 2015, BharatTutors targets:
a. Registration of 30,000 members
b. To create financial resources through advertisement by various tutorial institutions
c. To create base money of INR 10 Lakh ($1666) through donations and to develop self-sustaining financial system
d. Establishing mid-level coordinating team of 5 paid workers with internet facilities
e. Introduction of providing online tutoring platform including whiteboard for interactive sessions and learning management system
f. Extend the services in five countries: USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Malaysia
g. Introduction of another member-type as "Institute"

Even after, all years of growth and success I am more committed than ever to build website for communities empowering people to search in their locality.

I'm still heavily involved in building and running communities not only in the field of students/ tutors, but also in the fields of roommates, classmates, and lawyers. I fully intend to use all my passion and energy to ensure the success story continues on and on.

I appreciate the cooperation of our members in maintaining a clean and decent BharatTutors community.

Vivek Singh
Founder & Owner