GRE/GMAT/CAT English Quiz 6

Match with closest definition:

1. Staunch?
A. Filthy
B. Loyal
C. Colorful
D. Humid

2. Misnomer?
A. Thrifty
B. Animal hater
C. Wrong name
D. Cheater

3. Misogynist?
A. One who likes boating
B. Philanthropist
C. Woman lover
D. Hater of women

4. Commandeer?
A. Traveler
B. Universal
C. Paradigm
D. Take possession of

5. Virulent?
A. Dangerous
B. Brave
C. Unattended
D. Food lover

6. Stifle?
A. Suppress
B. Opaque
C. Pressure
D. Surprise

7. Perfidy?
A. Loyal
B. Diligent
C. Treachery
D. Active

8. Modicum?
A. Insufficient
B. Lavish
C. Small amount
D. Panoramic

9. Perfunctory?
A. Unnecessary
B. Brutal
C. Solid
D. Superficial

10. Austere?
A. Pasture
B. Severely plain
C. Nostalgic
D. Far behind

11. Dubious?
A. Solid
B. Trusted
C. Rigid
D. Doubtful

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