GRE/ CAT English Quiz 4

Match with closest definition:
A. Loud
B. Showing happiness
C. Showing sorrowbr /> D. Perception

2. Obdurate?
A. Stubborn
B. Polite
C. Obidient
D. Showing awarness

3. Bombastic?
A. Shame
B. Thifty
C. Lavishly
D. Pompous

4. Sanguine
A. Shy
B. Confident
C. Brave
D. Kind hearted

5. Corroborate?
A. Validate
B. Indicate
C. Plethora
D. Trumph

6. Meddlesome?
A. Quarrelsome
B. Bright
C. Interfering
D. Soothing

7. Maculate?
A. Thorough
B. Spotted
C. Diversified
D. National

8. Magnanimity?
A. Dignity
B. Dormant
C. Pieceful
D. Nobility

9. Malevolent?
A. Ominous
B. Good wishes
C. Malicious
D. Fruitful

10. Malleable?
A. Soft
B. Acidic
C. Hard
D. Easy to convince

11. Dogmatic?
A. Flourish
B. Peevish
C. Rigid
D. Garnish

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