GRE/ CAT English Quiz 3

Match with closest definition:
1. Obviate
A. Mindless
B. Avoid
C. Unlucky
D. Splendid

2. Ossify?
A. Petrify
B. Challenge
C. Liquefy
D. Gallantry

3. Palpable?
A. Undefeatable
B. Loud
C. Touchable
D. Merciless

4. Specious?
A. Baseless
B. Speechless
C. Jolt
D. Respectable

5. Spurious?
A. Untrusted
B. Forged
C. Curious
D. Surplus

6. Obsequious?
A. Complaint
B. Compliant
C. Heartly
D. Gullible

7. Parsimonious?
A. Set of 20
B. Permissions
C. Thrifty
D. Ominous

8. Recalcitrant?
A. Unruly
B. Reclaimed
C. Calligraphy
D. Recluse

9. Penurious?
A. Rich
B. Miserly
C. Poor
D. Omnipotent

10. Misanthrope?
A. A hater of mankind
B. A hater of animals
C. Dense forest
D. Small creek

11. Petulant?
A. Jealous
B. Peevish
C. Mercy D. Retarted

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