GRE/ CAT English Quiz 2

Match with closest definition:
1. Opaque
A. Transparent
B. Famine
C. Impossible to see through
D. Flood

2. Placate?
A. Pacify
B. Moody
C. Less in quantity
D. Zeal

3. Precipitate?
A. Lowest tone
B. Participation
C. Loud
D. Lacking deliberation

4. Prodigal?
A. Lavish
B. Tall Building
C. Birth sign
D. Reverence

5. Zeal?
A. Animation
B. Strong
C. Passion
D. Universe

6. Indemnified?
A. Damage
B. Shocked
C. Dishearten
D. Proved guilty

7. Pious?
A. Respect to leader
B. Reverence for a deity
C. Abhorrence
D. Dare

8. Adroit?
A. Funny
B. Pale
C. Skillful
D. Frindly

9. Ingenious?
A. Dizzy
B. Showing inventiveness and skill
C. Showing courage
D. Legal

10. Prosaic?
A. Straightforward
B. Challenging
C. Cartoon
D. Hummocks

11. Repartitioned?
A. Addition
B. To divide
C. Boring D. Recreated

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