GRE/ CAT English Quiz 1

Match with closest definition:
1. Anomaly
A. Glory
B. Abnormality
C. Interesting
D. Indication

2. Abstemious?
A. Music lover
B. Celebrity
C. Sparing in use of food or drinks
D. Auspicious

3. Dissuaded?
A. Persuaded against
B. Favor
C. Against the current
D. Unhappy

4. Phlegmatic?
A. Philanthropy
B. Tall person
C. Colorless
D. Showing little emotion

5. Suffuse?
A. Horse with pony
B. Sufficient
C. Starting
D. Over

6. Imbue?
A. suffuse with color
B. Colorful
C. Cheerful
D. Sorrow

7. Assuage?
A. Temper
B. Painful
C. Ease
D. Little Creek

8. Enigma?
A. Gloomy
B. Musical Note
C. Band
D. Perplexity

9. Equivocal?
A. Agreement
B. Unclear
C. Peaceful
D. Sound

10. Erudite?
A. Scholarly
B. Corrosion
C. Fool
D. Mockery

11. Fervid?
A. Veer
B. Bombastic
C. Passionate D. Mean

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