Best ways for students to find tutors:

If you are a student, looking for someone who can help in your assignment/ homework, an adult returning to school and need help in course work; BharatTutors is the platform you are in need of! If you move to another location/ state, you might be in need of learning the local language. If you are interested in going to gym, you would a good instructor. In either case BharatTutors is helpful to you. Among the thousands of tutors you can choose the tutors as per your requirements or you can post your need as a student.
There are a number of things you can do in order to increase the chances for getting responses from tutors. If you follow the given instructions, you can easily be contacted by tutors with potential interest in teaching you:

1. While filling registration form, keep in mind to:

- Choose yourself as a Student in registration form while asking - I am a: Tutor/Student.
- Add one or more photos to your profile. This gives professional touch to your profile. It is seen that profiles with photos get 50-60% more responses. Add your profile photos showing your face clearly. Do not upload any animated pictures or, pictures of celebrities, pets, scenery or objects. These photos would be approved. You look smart, use your own photo!

 - Write a detailed and comprehensive description in profile description field. Its important to clearly mention what kind of tutor you are looking for. Specify in detail as good as you can. Also mention preferred mode of teaching (e.g. online, one-to-one), best time of tutoring and grade (like VII, IX etc.), and duration of total teaching.

BharatTutors suggests you to:

 - First write the description in MS word, read it 2-3 times. Do not write the whole description in capital letters. Correct any grammar and spelling mistakes. Copy and paste it on BharatTutors profile.  Make it 6-7 sentence or 80-100 words long. Do not just copy and paste any question from the web-book, or website. You know English very well! Write a paragraph in your own sentences.

 - End your description in humble way, like: Thanks for your time; Thanks for looking at my profile; Please contact me for further details; Contact me for further details etc. These lines create an appeal in readers mind and most likely they contact you even if their requirements do not match 100% with your profile.

Below are some examples of good student profile descriptions:

"Hi all, I am Shweta Tiwari. I am student of grade IX in a CBSE board school. I am looking for a tutor for Math. I am preparing for Engineering entrance and need someone who can teach me calculus, geometry and algebra. I would prefer one to one touring in evening from 6pm to 7pm. Thanks for going through my profile!"

"Hi tutors, I am Rachna Shamra living in Indira Nagar, Lucknow. I am student of BE, Computer Science. I am having some problems in Database Management Systems and my semester exams are staring in two month. I am looking for a tutoring you can teach me Database Management and C++ during evening time. I would prefer online tutoring and using Skype. Please contact me for further details, thanks for your time! Have a nice time."  

"Dear tutors, I am   Amit Singh. I just moved from Kanpur UP to Chennai, Tamilnadu. I am working in a software company in Chennai. I am looking for someone who can teach me Tamil language. I would like to use yahoo messenger as the tool and pay after every 5 classes. Thanks for viewing my profile, contact me if you have any question."   

 - BharatTutors allows you to upload audio and video files too. Create an audio file usually explaining about need and what kind of tutor you are looking for. Similarly, you can create a video file explaining the same in detail. You can either directly upload the video or use Youtube.

 -Leave your most current contact details on you profile. If you do not feel comfortable in leaving your cell phone number, just write NA. Even if you do not write any contact details, BharatTutors in-built messaging system lets you be contacted by other members.

2. BharatTutors homepage has direct link to 'like' 'BharatTutors on Facebook'. If you like BharatTutors on Facebook, it will promote your student profile among your friends, other Facebook members and helps you to get more responses.  To get more responses from tutors, you should:

 - Like BharatTutors on Facebook either on the homepage of BharatTutors or going to the Facebook page of BharatTutors. If you do not have account at Facebook, you can create one by visiting This is the link of BharatTutors page at Facebook:

Click at 'like' as shown as pictures below:


Fig 1 - Click at the home page of BharatTutors as shown above

Fig 2 - Click at the Facebook page of BharatTutors as shown above

- Write some comments on the page of BharatTutors at Facebook explaining your requirements and what mode of tutoring you will prefer like one on one tutoring, group class or online tutoring. Like your own comment..

-Paste the link of BharatTutors profile (e.g.: in your online blogs, Facebook profile, Email signatures, forums, LinkedIn profile, websites and your business cards. Sample BharatTutors profile link is:

Please be advised that BharatTutors in a relevantly new website and not a lot of people know about this. We are trying our best to promote the website by paid advertisement. You can help in advertising the website without paying money by sharing the website information with your friends and mentioning the link during online activities/ social networking like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google

Summary: Add one or more photo to you profile. Write 4-5 meaningful sentences in Profile Description field. Like BharatTutors page on Facebook. Write comment on BharatTutors Facebook page, like this. Share your profile link online as much as you can.

BharatTutors is an online platform to connect tutors and students in India. The site gives you an opportunity to find one on one tutoring jobs, group tutoring jobs, online tutoring jobs, math tutors, science tutors and other subjects tutors in any cites of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Lucknow, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Noida, Gurgaon etc.